Our Mission: We are committed to building a strong partnership between parents, community, and school to create a substantial and positive impact on our children's wholesome growth.

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Did you know about 10% of the more than 29,000 students in the Lake Washington School District may be food insecure and vulnerable to being hungry over the weekends and holidays? The Pantry Packs program, powered by the Lake Washington Schools Foundation, is a volunteer-run food assistance program that seeks to provide weekend food for hungry students. As the district grows, so does the need. At Evergreen, Pantry Packs helps feed about 120 students each month. It is hard to imagine that this is occurring in our area, but poverty effects are actually everywhere. It is well known that students who are hungry suffer from low energy, poor concentration and have difficulty fully engaging in the classroom.

Please consider donating to this wonderful program! Click here to donate, and here for more information. Evergreen Middle School appreciates your support of our students and we would like to especially thank our library staff and Denise Ozeri for always being so supportive of our Pantry Packs program, as well as our new affiliation with Lake Washington Schools Foundation. 


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